What is Augmentous

Augmentous is a place that Jacob and Colin blogs, documents and releases Open Source wearable computing projects. We hope that Augmentous will become a hub for Open Source wearable computing projects, where people can collaborate, document, and make their projects available to anyone!

WE are Augmentous

Let's bring forward the body computing revolution together -- through creating Open Source Hardware platforms as a community. Use our stuff, make it better, then tell us all about it!


an easy way to stick LEDs on ALL THE THINGS including your body!

and of course a case to store your augments


The LifeLogger is an Open Source wearable camera for life logging that is based around the GoPro camera

It is low cost, and can be easily made with open source rapid prototyping. All the source files and 3D models are on Github here


For now, while we get everything set up, email us.